2022 Annual Meeting

This year DIYC held its annual meeting ahead of the Commodores Ball.  After the meeting, Brant O’Berg presented the Long Range Planning Committees results from the  member survey which showed “over 70% of the membership believes DIYC should have our own space!” 

A video was shown highlighting the various activities from the year.  If you missed it, click here Highlight Video


An Evening at Morgan Sandbar

What an evening!! 13 Boats with 63 DIYC Crew headed out to our little sandbar for some much needed fun!! While still balmy, the wind kicked up just enough to stoke the bonfire and we were treated to 2 sets of fireworks… Thanks to Craig Manicki for providing the man made version and God for the second!  The lightning was far enough away not to pose a threat but captains certainly kept a close eye!  



DIYC Kicks off 5 part Boater Safety Series

DIYC’s Vice Commodore John Keet and Rear Commodore Dale Kirby kicked off the Boater Safety Series with “Docking at Dataw”. About 30 members attended the first of five seminars.  “I’m finally ready to give this a try!” Said member Tina Bongiovanni!  Members asked some great questions and gave some great examples of docking challenges.  Keet & Kirby used a scale diagram of the marina’s bull pen and boats to show how tides and current will change a captains plan for docking or departing from our marina.  If you missed this seminar don’t fret…. We will be repeating it again early spring as many members advised they wanted to attend but were out of town.  Stay tuned for new dates!  

 DIYC Commodore's Choice Cruise

The ones who made it to HarborTown

Monday, May 23, and the long anticipated DIYC Commodore’s Choice cruise was underway. It was planned to head to Hilton Head's Harbortown Marina for a lunch at the Crazy Crab. Ten boats departed at 9:00am for the 2 hour trip. The weather looked okay, but a strengthening south wind was running directly against the outgoing current in the Beaufort River and raised a nasty chop.

The ones who went to Q on Bay

About halfway up the nine mile stretch, Cruise Captain Tuttle wisely advised folks to take stock of their vessels and crew as some of the boats with lower freeboard were getting pretty wet. As a result, five boats turned around and headed to Beaufort or Port Royal. The other five went on to Harbortown. Regardless of where they went, everybody had a good lunch and a good time. Hopefully we have gone through our bad luck with weather and it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the season.