The start times are “planned” with the goal of having the races last about 3 hours. Based on the existing conditions and input from the racing fleet they may be modified.


If there are enough boats racing, we will utilize a staggered start format with the goal of having a closer finish with all boats.


Morgan River Races - These races will start and finish at the marina with the turning point being a longitude in the Morgan River. The turning point longitude will be determined by existing conditions. Boats should have favorable currents both going down and back up the Morgan River.


Around Morgan Island Race - This race will start at the marina, sail down the Morgan River to Green “11” in St Helena Sound, round G “11” to port and sail up the Coosaw River to finish between a Committee Boat and Green “1” at the entrance to Parrot Creek. The race is about 16 miles in length and will be timed so that the fleet hits G “11” at low tide making the current favorable both down the Morgan and up the Coosaw Rivers.


The Santa Elena Regatta which includes the Jean Ribaut and Pedro Menendez Cups is sponsored by Beaufort Yacht Sailing Club and usually held in April  &. Detailed information will be put out by BYSC.


The Dataw Cup will start in the Coosaw River in the area of ICW Green “199”, sail down the Coosaw River to Green “11” in St Helena Sound, then proceed up the Morgan River to finish at the marina. Total length about 22 miles, event timed so that currents will be favorable the whole race. Trophies will be awarded.


Sailing Instructions will be distributed several days before scheduled races and, except for the Dataw Cup, Skippers Meetings will be held at the marina about 1 hour before the races start to review the course and expected conditions.


Results of races, except Santa Elena Regatta, will be combined to determine the annual sailing champion. Each boat will be allowed 1 throw outs. DNF finishing boats + 1, DNS finishing boats + 2.


All low tides are at the entrance to Village Creek in the Morgan River, except for the Dataw Cup which is at Otter Island. High tides for the Windward/Leeward races are at the entrance to Jenkins Creek.


The races will use the PHRF rating system to adjust boats actual time to a corrected time. The corrected time will be used the determine the order of finish.



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Dataw Island Yacht Club

Note from Read Clarke, BYSC Fleet Captain:

We would like to let DIYC members know that sailing opportunities as crew are available at BYSC.  Below is the current NORs (Notice of Races) for the BYSC.

2023 Spring Racing Series
March 25th-June 17th

Santa Elena Regatta
March 31- April 1, 2023

The Catboat Rally
May 5-6, 2023

2023 BYCS Spring Invitational

Regatta a stop on the
2023 VX One Southeast Championship
Series May 13 & 14, 2023


Beaufort Water Festival Regatta
June 10, 2023 (no notice for this event yet)

Lowcountry Regatta
June 23-25, 2023

Pluff Mud Championship
September 09-10, 2023