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2023 Cruise Information for DIYC Cruisers 


Introduction – The DIYC has had a wonderful history of power boat cruising all over the low country. Last year, then Cruise Captain Jim Flanigan, did a fantastic job brining us a variety of interesting and innovative cruises and events.

Our plan for this year includes keeping multiple favorite cruise events and working to set up an online archive of nearby cruise events with details on charts, tides and currents that can be understood online before starting your adventure on the water. If you have questions or have not cruised with us in the past, the following is intended to help you out.

Types of cruises – There are five categories of cruises and each has their own distinctive flavor. They are:

Overnight cruises
Distance/Destination cruises
Sandbar cruises
Sunset/Evening cruises

Let’s take a look at each category in more detail, and what we have planned for this year. This a general description and will be followed by “Save the Date” announcements, details and signup instructions. For those who sign up for an event, we will send further emails as needed. Final dates depend on shore arrangements, tides, and of course, the weather.

Overnight cruises – We have one overnight powerboat cruise in mind for this year. We are hopeful to target going to Savannah for an overnight cruise this fall. An overnight cruise generally has a more substantial distance to cover and ends up at a marina or yacht club where we tie up for one or two nights depending on your schedule. Arrangements for the tie up and hotel accommodations are made in advance and there is usually a social event along with sight-seeing at the destination city. Cruisers usually go in one or more groups so assistance is available if there is a problem.

Destination / Distance Cruises - A destination cruise is a group cruise to someplace interesting or fun, where generally lunch and an activity happen before the return cruise to Dataw. This year a trip to the Edisto Yacht Club is in the planning phase.

Additionally, a distance Cruise is planned that will help you see much more of our beautiful low country area. This cruise is the July 22nd, around St. Helena Island cruise. It should be a fun day of boat and will allow for fuel usage and refilling with fresh if this is a need for you and your boat.

Sandbar cruises – Some of the best loved and most fun events are sandbar cruises. The idea is to time the tides at our target location so that we arrive one hour before low tide and leave 2-3 hours later when the rising tide lifts us off. You need a couple of anchors (the stern one can be small) so after the boat is gently nudged up onto the beach, it can be secured. Picnics, adult beverages, bonfires (for the evening cruise), swimming (it does get hot around here in the summer), and general fun are the rule. Trips to Fripp Inlet sandbar and several to the Morgan River sandbar are in the plan.

Sunset / Evening cruises - We hope to have multiple low stress, gently planned cruises this season. These cruises, in company, will leave Dataw in the early evening, go to someplace close to home where the boats will raft up and anchor to enjoy the evening and being out on the water. Jenkins Creek both sides, behind the Morgan River Sandbar, and up Jenkins Creek at the Oyster flats are options. Because we are not traveling far, sailboats are welcome.

Events – We have some terrific events planned that are truly memorable. These include, The Blessing of the Fleet, The Poker Run, Pirates at the Pier, and finally the Christmas Boat Parade close the season. There will be much more information on these fun events as we get closer. Time and space do not permit me to describe them here. Ask anyone who went last year to any of them and you will get an earful. Watch for the announcements and don’t miss them.

Experience - We have a wonderful mix of very experienced cruisers, new members/boat owners who are just getting started and a large group in the middle. Regardless, all are welcome to sign up and we will make every effort to help newcomers get comfortable with their boats and our low country waters. Generally it is helpful to have some experience for the destination/distance cruises as well as the overnight events, but it is not required. The format of the cruise itself is to cruise in company. The cruise captain for the day will lead and there will be a trailing boat to help out anyone having a problem. The cruise will sometimes split up into a faster group and one that is not as fast. Radio communications will be monitored on all boats so a working VHF radio is required.

Guests – Over time cruisers tend to develop a favored crew that will do the heavy work and provide adult refreshments. However, this year we are encouraging all to reach out and invite some new folks who have not had a chance to get out on the water. This will get some new members for the DIYC and keep our marina dry stacks full.

Volunteers – Here is the big one. None of these events will be as good as they should be without volunteers to organize, communicate, and execute the plan. In fact without volunteers, some of them may not happen. Past experience has shown that DIYC members are fantastic volunteers and I am sure that will be the case for a season of fun on the water. The new website will have a drop down item on the home page where you can volunteer for anything on the calendar. Be patient while we work the bugs out, but we will have it going as soon as we can. In the meantime contact me if you want to get involved. (

Sign up – This is in an effort to best support our cruising community as well as helping participants understand there are some events that are limited due to the number of boats that some of our destinations have limited dock space for. This year with the aid of the new web site, we will set a limit on the number of cruisers only where needed. If there is a limit it will be stated on the announcement along with instructions on how to sign up. It will be on a first come first served basis and when the limit is reached sign-ups will stop. I do not think it will happen often, but it may. Please know this is only in an effort to support you and help in the safety at destination on the water.

Finally, the chart below (if blown up) will show the routes of some of our away from home waters cruises. 



2023 Cruise Chart